Do you set up in parks?


Yes. Where applicable, you will be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits.  A generator may need to be used as well, as not all park locations have electricity.  We provide generators for an additional $70 per day.  If you use your own generator, it must be at least a 3500 Watt and must have a spark-arresting muffler.


Contacting the parks


Parties are often held in the city and county parks. Requirements for setup in the parks can be obtained through the parks department in your community. The following are the details you need to know about parks in your area.


1. Do they allow inflatables?

2.Are there any size restrictions or inflatables?

3.Do the parks require you to add them as additional insured?

4.Do they have electrical outlets and can they be used for inflatables?

5.What are their hours of operation?

6.Can they provide you with maps of the parks?

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