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Water Slides For Rent

To enjoy this summer with your family and friends it is wonít be worthy to buy water slides on the contrary the best idea would be to rent water slides. For this, you can come to us, as we are one of the eminent firms that hold wide experience in this domain. The playing equipment offered by us on rent would perfectly meet the variegated demands of the patrons of all age group.

Come to us and hire any of the required water sides to have fun this summer. Choose any of the water slides that are made of concrete, metal or inflatable material and enjoy the party without any worry.We offer the water slides(play equipment) on rent at affordable prices. Your kids can also enjoy the outdoor game and can also have the cool environment on water slides.

So, hire our water rentals, wherein your kids ask for entertainment this summer!
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Amazing Wave Water Slide

Just like the name implies, this is an amazingly fun slide to rent!  Your party attendees will keep going down the slide again and again.  You’ll win kudos for coming up with such a great idea.

In bright blue and white, it’s colorful and appealing to begin with, and the chance to slide down a wave in the middle is simply irresistible.  Start at the top of the towering 17-foot high, 27-foot long slide and go down two layers into the pool below.  What a great way to cool off on a warm day! 

You won’t be able to have the kids race each other down this slide since it’s only 3.5 feet wide, but that’s ok! They’ll be having so much fun they won’t notice, and once the ride down the slide is done, they’ll be racing around to get back in line again.

This slide is big, really big, and you will likely need some help setting it up and taking it back down again.  Never fear, we’re here to help.  Just give us the details like when the party is and where you want this slide set up (make sure you have enough room for it!) and we’ll do the setup for you and delivery too.

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$425.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $400.00 (Mon - Thu)
Backyard Water Slide

Whether it’s a summertime church get-together or a birthday party, you can’t go wrong with our water slide.  Or maybe you don’t have a party to throw – you just want to cool off and have a blast on a weekend.  Give us a call and let us deliver our backyard water slide with its vivid red and blue colors for whatever you want it for.

Users will slide down the ramp into the pool at the base.  It’s 15 feet high so even the little ones can use this slide and have a great time.  It’s not so small, though, that the bigger kids will feel out of place. 

You’ll be able to provide a memorable afternoon thanks to our water slide.  If you rent one of our bouncy castles to go with it, everyone will have an inflatable good time.  All we ask is that you have a level ground for the slide to sit on, and that you have a responsible adult keeping an eye on everyone. 

We deliver in and around the Baltimore area, including Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and College Park.  We also offer all kinds of other entertaining activities and add-ons like face painting, carnival games, interactive games, candy machines, and magicians – no matter how many people are coming to your party or what they want to do, you’ll be able to have a great time when you call Bouncy Rentals. 

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$295.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $275.00 (Mon - Thu)
Dolphin Water Slide

Without a doubt, this tremendously cute slide will appeal to anyone of any age.  In a vivid blue with yellow accents, this slide is topped by two adorable grey dolphins at the top of the side pillars.  A cover over the upper part of the slide keeps the vinyl from getting too warm. 

Got some partygoers who want to stay dry?  You can do that!  The slide on the left is soft and it has small lines going across it, keeping users from going too fast.  The right side is ready for watery fun.  The pool at the bottom makes for a comfortable landing. 

This slide is super fun sized – 27 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 17 feet high.  All that square footage means plenty of space for a great time.  You’ll quickly see why this is one of our most popular rentals.

Tell everyone to bring their cameras and take lots of pictures to share – the slide will be the background to a day filled with fun.  We’ll take the stress out of your big party day, too, by delivering the slide, setting it up and making sure that it is ready to go, and at the end, we’ll take it back.  

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$365.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $325.00 (Mon - Thu)
Double Fun Slide

Do you want to appeal to anyone and everyone at your next party?  Consider renting our double fun slide!  It’s cheery, colorful, and ready for tons of fun!  Plus, we take care of the delivery, setup, and haul away at the end, so you can just enjoy the day.

Kids can slide dry on the left side, and wet on the right. You won’t have to worry about whether someone brought a swimsuit or not. The water slide drops into a shallow pool so you come to a soft stop. 

If you just want to use it as a dry slide, you have that option, too.  Just tell us and we won’t install the pool. You’ll have three lanes of dry sliding glee that way.

The slide measures 19 feet high by 14 feet wide.  It’s also a generous 16 feet high, so kids of any size can play on this slide.  Most of our rentals are for four hours so you have all the time you need to give everyone a chance to play.

Pair this with one of our bouncy castles for a full afternoon of great times!  Our party experts can help you plan what all you want us to deliver, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

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$335.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $295.00 (Mon - Thu)
Dual Lane Pool Slide

This fun slide gives you options for party fun all afternoon long!  Slip, slide, and splash into the pool at the bottom.  You can even race each other using both slides at a time.  Challenge each other in teams to see who can win the most races. 

Just think of all of the fun the kids – and kids at heart - will have.  They can run and slide, and come back for more.  Our standard rental time is for four hours.  Even the most rambunctious kids will be tired after that time.

The cheerful colors of yellow, green, and blue are inviting, and the pool at the bottom is deep enough to catch you without being too deep. 

The dual lane slide is a huge device – 28 feet long by 18 feet wide, and it stands 18 feet tall.  As such, we ask that the location of the slide is near a road or driveway where our truck can reach easily.  If that’s not possible, we ask that there be a clearance of 3.5 feet to wheel the slide into place.  If this is going to go up a hill or steps, we will charge an additional fee for that added service.

This colorful slide is so much fun!  Call us today to schedule a delivery time.

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$535.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $495.00 (Mon - Thu)
Inflatable Water Park Slide

We know there are a lot of water slides we have available for rent, but this one is huge. Really huge!  It’s called the Water Park Slide for a reason.  It stands 23 feet tall – no, really! – by 13 feet wide and a whopping 40 feet long.  The big pool at the bottom is just waiting for you to slide down either side and into the cool water. 

The bright white and blue vinyl beckons to you to come and enjoy a slide.  The pool at the bottom has white trim that recalls ocean foam crashing over.  Sturdy and durable, this water slide is ready for an afternoon of adventure.

You can race each other all day long, or just slide with no goal other than enjoying the sunshine and water.  The slide is ready to take it.  If you rent some of our midway games or concession items, you’ll have everything you need for the best party all year. 

This water slide is easier to deliver if we can drive right up to where it needs to go.  If we can’t get right there, please be sure that we have at least 3 ½ feet of clearance on the path.  

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$635.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $595.00 (Mon - Thu)
Ocean Wave Water Slide


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$450.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $425.00 (Mon - Thu)
Original Slip-N-Slide

Twenty-seven feet long.  Ten feet wide.  All the water you can handle so go ahead, get a good running start and dive in!  The roof stands nine feet high, so you don’t have to worry about ducking, even if your partygoers are the basketball team. 

Those bright green and blue arches tipped with red just beg for kids to come and have some fun.  Kids love bright colors! The long white slide is well cushioned for lots of sliding all day long.

We do ask that this be located near a hose connection for a steady supply of water during use.   Then just inflate the tubes, add some water, and be ready for the squeals of joy!  Whether you want to use this for a kids’ birthday party, a church carnival, or a school festival, a water slide is always a fun idea.

Never fear, even though it’s a big unit, we’ll deliver it to you for free within 20 miles of our headquarters, and we only charge a nominal fee outside the area.  That fee also includes setup and haul away at the end of the party, too.  Each unit is sanitized before use, so everyone can play safely.  

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$315.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $295.00 (Mon - Thu)
Original Water Slide

Our colorful original water slide is designed for cooling off and having fun.  Bring back memories of summer days spent at the water park sliding down, then racing back to the top to start again. The best part is, you can share those memories with your kids, and teach them the fun of playing in the water.

With bright yellow and a deep brick red outlining the lanes and keeping the kids on target, the bright blue of the slide portion stands out even better.  The pool at the bottom is welcoming, and deep enough to cushion without feeling like you should be entering an Olympic diving contest. 

It features a mesh cover at the top to act as a sunshield while waiting to go down.  No matter if your partygoers are 9 or 39, they’ll have a ball on this water slide. 

Rent during the week, if you can, and save a bit of money.  We include delivery and set up in the cost, so you can just enjoy the party.  Imagine the looks on the kids’ faces when you all head out to the back yard and they see this waiting for them.  You’ll be on everyone’s favorites list after that!

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$575.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $550.00 (Mon - Thu)
Tropical Double Slip-N-Slide

Looking like an island paradise, this slip and slide is twice the fun thanks to twice the lanes.  It stands a generous nine feet high so even the adults in the party can have a great time.  It’s also 28 feet long, so you can slide for what feels like forever.

Bordered by six inflated palm trees, and topped by a blue cloud shining with a rainbow, this slip and slide has a white wavy bottom lined with a blue vinyl tarp.  At ten feet wide, each lane is plenty big enough for sliding.  There is a wall on the left side for safety. 

Start your slide on one end, and exit out the small opening on the other, then just run around and do it all over again!  This one will be so popular, you’ll probably have lines of people waiting to try it.

You might feel a bit intimidated by the size of the slide but don’t worry, we deliver, for free even! (in a 25 mile radius around our building).  When your event is all over, we’ll come back, pick up the slide, and take it back.  We also clean each unit and sanitize it for your protection. 

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$295.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $275.00 (Mon - Thu)
Tropical Water Slide

If you ever wanted to make an escape to the islands but just haven’t found the time to get away, consider renting our Tropical Water Slide for an afternoon instead.  Standing a generous fifteen feet high, and topped by two palm trees, this water slide is certain to draw people to it. 

Climb to the top on the colorful inflatable blocks, then slide down the durable white vinyl into the pool that awaits you at the bottom.  The entire slide is 26 feet long – plenty of room for lots of fun!  The slide is even wide enough – ten feet, to be exact – for two people to use the slide at the same time.  Imagine how much fun kids will have challenging each other!

The bright yellow, blue, and green colors will certainly attract some attention.  Think about how this would delight your kids when they see it in the backyard.  Or imagine the shouts of joy when the scout troop rounds the corner in the parking lot to get to the carnival and they see this giant awaiting them.

We’ll gladly deliver and set up the Tropical Water Slide at your next event, and remove it back to our office when the party is over.  We also know that Mother Nature can sometimes throw us all a curve ball.  We will refund your deposit if you have to cancel due to the bad weather.

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$335.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $295.00 (Mon - Thu)
Water Balloon Battle

Ready… aim… throw!  This water balloon tent lets you engage in the most epic water balloon battle ever.  Plus, the pillars inside separate each side of the tent into chambers, which makes it more important to throw accurately, not just hard.  You have to aim between each of the inflated pillars.  Think of it as a combination carnival beanbag toss game and water balloon war.

At a sizable 45 feet long, 13 feet wide, and standing 15 feet high, you can fit a lot of people inside under the brilliantly colored rainbow mesh top.  All of the pillars are inflated, so they are nice and soft.  Throw around them and use them as shields for strategy, or throw a traditional water balloon game with a partner; either way works.

Kept inflated by a generator, you can let this inflatable run all afternoon.  You can even have a tournament, with teams keeping score of who is the most accurate.  Only your creativity limits you on the possibilities.    

You can rent the water balloon battle tent by itself or in conjunction with any of our other inflatables or carnival items.  We even have concession makers, so you can have a complete event. 

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$250.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $220.00 (Mon - Thu)
Water Slide Adventure

With a giant wave curling over the top that looks like it’s ready to crash on you, you might think this water slide is a scary ride.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  This is just plain fun for everyone.

The Water Slide Adventure stands 23 feet tall – high enough for a thrilling ride, but not so high as to keep the little ones from giving it a go.  It’s also 13 feet wide and 40 feet long.  It doesn’t end in a pool, but rather in a section that’s more like a slip and slide.  Small waves at the end remind you of the gentle end of a wave that creeps up the shore right before it retreats.

You can use it indoors or out, so the weather won’t keep you from having a great time.  Imagine the fun of having a water slide at a winter carnival!  The weather outside might be snowing or windy, but inside it’s a summertime paradise.

Run up the ladder on the left hand side, and you’re ready to slide back down again in a jiffy.  The crashing wave at the top also shields you from the sun if you are using it outdoors. 

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$625.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $585.00 (Mon - Thu)
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Water Slides

The long warm months of summer and early autumn can mean only one thing – its water slide time!  Book a water slide from Bouncy Rentals when you are planning a backyard party or a large corporate event.  Our inflatable water structures can provide hours of fun and entertainment for guests of all ages.

Delight your children and their friends by including a water slide as part of their back yard fun-in-the-sun day.    Our basic Back Yard, Dolphin, or Tropical Water Slides fit most back yards and are a great attraction at birthday parties.  The Double Fun Slide is a dry slide that can be transformed into a water slide when you book the additional pool that attaches at the bottom of the slide. 

Water slidesaren’t just kid fun:  teens and adults enjoy them, too!  Bouncy Rentals has water slides that are suitable for use by children or adults.  The Backyard Water Slide, Ocean Wave Water Slide, Water Slide Adventure, and Water Slide Fun are all popular choices suitable for guests of all ages.  If you want a water variation on a theme, consider booking the Original Slip-N-Slide or Tropical Double Slip-N-Slide.  Run, dive, slide!!!  And if you want to go really big, slide-wise, try the massive Water Slide Adventure.

If your party venue allows for another inflatable structure, consider adding the Water Balloon Battle. It’s sized for water balloon fight enthusiasts of all ages.

When your water-themed party is for adults only, you need water slide structures that are sized for adults.  The Dual Lane Pool Slide is a massive structure designed for climb, slide and splash fun.  The Inflatable Water Park Slide is our biggest and best water slide rental.

No matter which great water slide structure you choose, always keep one thing in mind:  water safety.  Bouncy Rentals is a proud member of the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization and we try to ensure that our rental equipment is in safe and proper working condition at all times.  But nothing takes the place of watchfulness on your part and that means supervising children’s water activities at all times.  It means being watchful while adults use water slide structures, too.

Bouncy Rentals is your water slide resource in the Baltimore area.  Book a water slide for your back yard gathering or corporate event.  Bouncy Rentals is sure to have the water slide that’s right for your location and activities.

Bouncy Rentals serves the Baltimore area in a 20-mile, 145 zip code radius from our warehouse for free, and we offer reasonable delivery fees for areas just outside that radius.  Our free delivery area includes Montgomery and Prince Georges counties.  We deliver throughout Montgomery County including the communities of Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Potomac in Montgomery County.  Some of our deliveries to Prince Georges County are to Waldorf, Brandywine, Andrews AFB, District Heights, and Upper Marlboro.  Please scroll to the bottom of our FAQ page for more information and to view our delivery link.