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Batter Up

This game will test the skills of the batter as the participant attempts to put the T-Ball Style through one of the "outfield" holes. Game is for both kids and adults and it will make a great addition to any party, school event, festivals or corporate events.

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$179.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $165.00 (Mon - Thu)
Bungee Run
Dual lane of adrenaline and excitement.

Two participants strap into the harness and race to the front. Each participant has a piece of Velcro and tries to stick it to the side of the Bungee Run. The player that sticks the Velcro bar farther is the winner!

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$355.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $325.00 (Mon - Thu)
Climb & Slide Combo

A different kind of inflatable!

The Climb & Slide Combo is a 3 in 1 combo unit.
Climb, slide and jump!

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$265.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $245.00 (Mon - Thu)
Covered Obstacle Course

Bounce, Climb, Crawl and go through the obstacles on this 30-foot long obstacle course.

Fully meshed and covered to protect from the sun.


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$285.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $265.00 (Mon - Thu)
Full Court Press Inflatable

Classic double-shot basketball game where 2 players compete to see who scores the most shots in a 1-minute time period.

The Full Court Press is one of the best interactive inflatable games.

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$195.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $185.00 (Mon - Thu)
Giant Movie Screen

Just go with a Movie Party This time! Bring all the kids (and adults) together for a movie in your backyard! This giant Inflatable Movie screen can also be used to play video games, Karaoke and dancing video games.

Does not include projector, or video system.

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$180.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $165.00 (Mon - Thu)
Gladiator Joust

Just like on the TV Show “American Gladiators”. Competitors mount on the pedestal platform armed with a 7’ long padded foam jousting pole; ready to engage in combat.

Lots of fun, perfect for corporate events and project graduations.

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$285.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $265.00 (Mon - Thu)
Gladiator Jousting Battle

Gladiator Joust is the inflatable version of American Gladiators. Inflatable Gladiator Joust involves two contestants (gladiators) who ascent on top of the platforms, wearing protective headgear. The gladiators then strike at each other with oversized, foam-filled jousting poles to try and knock each other off their platform. The winning gladiator is the first one to knock their adversary down on the giant air-inflated Inflatable Gladiator Jousting mat.

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$265.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $255.00 (Mon - Thu)
Inflatable Boxing Ring

Demonstrate your boxing abilities in this inflatable boxing ring with super-size boxing gloves.

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$395.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $375.00 (Mon - Thu)
Lawn Basketball

Test your skills with this Giant Basketball game. Perfect for group gatherings, school events and outdoor activities in general.

It comes with 1 inflatable basket (Optional basket available) a 3 foot wide ball and/or a 2 foot wide ball. Requires (1) 110 volt 15 amp circuit to blow up the Goal and the balls. (6'L x 6'W x 7' H).

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$155.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $149.00 (Mon - Thu)
Obstacle Slide Rush

Huge! Bounce all along five fun-packed obstacles to navigate through before climbing to the top of the 16 foot slide.

If the purpose is to entertain the kids, this will certainly do it!

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$285.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $270.00 (Mon - Thu)
Quarterback Blitz

Classic Football Toss game -

Comes with eight (8) footballs

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$215.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $195.00 (Mon - Thu)
Vertical Rush Inflatable Obstacle Course

The vertical rush obstacle course is a splendid obstacle course because it mixes an inflatable rock wall and a twin lane slide. Why just get a slide or rock wall when you can get all in one?

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$525.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $495.00 (Mon - Thu)
Water Balloon Battle

Time for a wet Battle!! This giant inflatable is the perfect outdoor activity on a hot summer day. It can be used as singles (two participants) or doubles (four participants).

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$250.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $220.00 (Mon - Thu)
Zorb ball

The Zorb ball itself is a PVC inflatable with inside ties that act as shock-absorbers, two apertures and an inner 'cockpit' for up to three people. After the Zorb ball is inflated (which takes about 15 minutes) it's placed onto a large four-sided stand at the top of an incline, rather like a golf tee. Once you are in the fun really starts as the Zorb ball is thrown down a hill and reaches speeds of up to 55km per hour, while you roll and bounce around inside. The ingenious bit is that there is an air pad of two feet between you and the ground, so you are completely harmless!

You can pick between a harness (strapped in) or hydro (sloshing about in water) Zorb ball experience and both are extremely good fun the screams of laughter coming from the people as they rolled down the hill is guaranteed and everyone comes out with an enormous grin on their faces.

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$260.00 (Fri - Sun, Holidays) $245.00 (Mon - Thu)
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Interactive games from Bouncy Rentals can turn almost any party into a memorable event.  Turn an old fashioned sociable into a multi-activities day.  Plan the traditional football or softball game for your next family reunion.  Then, add a few interactive games from Bouncy Rentals and suddenly almost everyone in the extended family will have something to play.

Bouncy Rentals have interactive inflatable games and activities for almost any activity and interest.  Whether hosting a bridal shower, children’s birthday, a corporate activities day, or any other happy event, Bouncy Rentals can turn your party into an event.

Challenge yourself or challenge a competitor.  Test how quickly you can navigate your way through one of two obstacle courses.  Bounce, climb, crawl and slide your way through the inflatable Vertical Rush or Covered Obstacle Courses.

Love sports? Try any of our inflatable games based on traditional sports.  Batter Up tests your batting skills, T-Ball style. Or try your one-on-one luck with the Full Court Press with the double-shot basketball game:  who can score the most points in one minute?  Lawn Basketball is a variation on the traditional court game and perfect for participants of all ages.  The Quarterback Blitz is a classic football toss game that challenges your inner quarterback.

Calling all gladiators!  The Gladiator Joust and Gladiator Jousting Battle inflatable games test your balancing skills and strength against your opponent’s.  Whoever remains standing on his or her platform is the winner.  The ancient sport of boxing is modernized with Bouncy Rental’s Inflatable Boxing Ring.  Pull on a pair of super-sized boxing gloves and land your best punches.

Like the old advertisement says, “Wait – there’s more!”  Test your strength with the Bungee Run.  Two participants step into harnesses and stretch their ways to the front.  Each participant has a piece of Velcro that must be placed on the side of his or her channel.  Whoever places the Velcro piece closest to the front wins.

Who didn’t enjoy a good water balloon fight in childhood?  With our giant inflatable Water Balloon Battle, that soaking good fun doesn’t have to end with childhood.  Play singles (2 participants) or doubles (four participants).  So perfect on a hot summer day.

The Zorb Ball is an exciting and different kind of inflatable interactive activity for up to three people.  Step into the inner “cockpit” and experience the laughter and fun of rolling down an incline in a human hamster ball.

Bouncy Rentals serves the Baltimore area in a 20-mile, 145 zip code radius from our warehouse for free, and we offer reasonable delivery fees for areas just outside that radius.  Our free delivery area includes Montgomery and Prince Georges counties.  We deliver throughout Montgomery County including the communities of Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and Potomac in Montgomery County.  Some of our deliveries to Prince Georges County are to Waldorf, Brandywine, Andrews AFB, District Heights, and Upper Marlboro.  Please scroll to the bottom of our FAQ page for more information and to view our delivery link.