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Carnival Games

Great for both Kids and Adults! Carnival games are fun for backyard parties and make a great addition to any fundraiser! We offer a great variety of professional, colorful, easy to set up Carnival Games
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Balloon Pop

All the fun of the midway at the state fair, at any time of year!  You can rent our Balloon Pop game by itself or in conjunction with any of our other carnival games or our concession items.

A little different than you might be used to, Balloon Pop has a target in the middle that you have to hit with the bean bag and then the balloon will pop.  When you rent this game, you get the box, six bean bags, and a full bag of balloons for hours of fun.

It’s easy to set up this game.  All you have to do is find a stable location, open the case, blow up the balloons, and have fun!  Delight kids of any age by bringing the carnival midway to your next party.  If you have any stuffed animals, you can make it feel just like the midway by giving away prizes for people who pop the balloon on the first try.

We offer a couple of discounts.  If you book online, you can realize some savings.  Or, if you reserve Balloon Pop and pick it up from us instead of choosing delivery, we will also give you a discount.  

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Price: $55.00
Baseball Toss

Here’s the windup… and the pitch!  It’s right down the middle… Strike one!  This realistic looking (and durable) Baseball Toss game lets your party attendees fulfill their dreams of being a major league player.  It’s easy to set up and easy to play.

When you are hosting a school carnival and you need something fun, or you’re looking for a great party activity, Baseball Toss is the one.  Kids at an overnight camp for church or scouts can burn off some of that energy they seem to have in endless supply playing Baseball Toss.

The catcher is in the middle, and a hole appears where his glove would be.  Aim for the middle to improve your own pitching skills.  There are even fans painted on the walls to cheer you on.

Boys and girls alike will love to play this game.  It also appeals to anyone of any age – young or old can have a great time. 

We can deliver Baseball Toss to you, or you can come by our building and pick it up.  If you do, we’ll give you a discount.  If you are choosing other items like our bouncy castles or water slides, we can deliver everything and set it up for you. 

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Price: $85.00
Can Smash

Just like the old pastime of setting up cans along the fence, then knocking them down with an expert throw of a rock, Can Smash gives hours of entertainment for anyone.  This version of the game uses a soft bean bag instead of a hard rock, though, so it’s safer even for little ones to play.

The kit is self-contained.  Simply open the lid, set up the six cans in a pyramid shape, and start playing!  There is a mesh net along the sides to keep things controlled.  You get six bean bags for each player to have six attempts to knock over every can. 

If you wanted to set things up for multiple ages, you can quite easily.  Just mark off lines at different distances – closer to the game for the little ones, and farther away for the older kids.  Keep score and see who can knock over the most cans with the fewest bean bags!  Everyone who knocks them all over is a winner in our book!

Your next scout meeting will be a hit.  Or, if you have a big party planned, rent our Can Smash game with some of our other arcade style rentals for plenty of stations of fun, all evening long.

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Price: $55.00
Golf Challenge

Do you have golf fans in your family?  Do you love to play golf?  We can help you with both, even when you can’t get to the driving range.  Our Golf Challenge game is designed for maximum fun. 

Set up the backdrop in an open area, and then start driving!  The backdrop looks like a course, with trees, water hazards, and sand traps along the sides.  You’ll feel like you’re on real fairway. A humorous score card on the bottom keeps track of who wins – the green, the water, or the sand. 

When you swing, the ball sticks to the backdrop thanks to Velcro.  The balls are special practice ones that come with the game.

Rent this game time and again to improve your game or challenge others to tournaments.  Over the course of several weeks, you can even pretend to play the PGA Tour. 

You won’t have to try to find a tee time any more – just play whenever you want!  We can deliver Golf Challenge to you or you can come pick it up from us.  If you choose the pick-up option, you can actually save a little money.  We do deliver to over 200 ZIP codes in and around Baltimore.  

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Price: $85.00
Hit the Bucket

This great game combines old-fashioned fun with the modernity of a portable game unit.  It sounds simple – just pitch the ball into the bucket.  Easy, right? Except for one thing – these are whiffle balls, and they don’t fly the same way a baseball does.

This foldable unit opens easily and sets up in a flash.  Netting along the sides will help return any errant balls.  You get three balls to test your skills with.  If you want to set up different starting lines for different ages, you can do that, so it’s a little easier for the small fry.

Where can you use Hit the Bucket?  Anywhere there’s enough room behind it, really.  You can set it on a table outside, or in a gymnasium indoors.  No matter what the weather might bring, you can still rent this and keep everyone of any age entertained.

We have several other portable games you can rent at the same time, and we’ll gladly deliver them all to you, and also take them back once the event is all over.

If you book online, you can take advantage of our web specials.  Just click the link to reserve your Hit the Bucket game today. 

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Price: $55.00
Jungle Safari

Just like your favorite carnival games at the county fair, our Jungle Safari game lets you knock over targets and score points.  If you rent this game, you can buy some small toys to give away, just like the fair does.  Or, just keep score and let the top points earner have bragging rights.  It’s your choice!

This game is big, too, so it’s easy to see.  Let the little ones step closer to make it a bit easier, and the bigger kids can stand back and work on their aim. The large graphics include an explorer, a lion, an alligator, a snake, a toucan, two monkeys, an elephant, and a rhino.  You get beanbags to throw at the three targets that range from 10 points up to 20 points. 

We do ask for a $30 nonrefundable deposit when you call us to make your reservation.  We’ll charge the balance on the day of the party, or you can pay us with a check or cash at the event. 

We offer free delivery in a 20-mile radius around our office.  We serve many ZIP codes in the greater Baltimore area, and we’d love to serve you.  Just give us a call today and let’s get started planning your next party!

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Price: $85.00
Penguin Fish Fling

Who doesn’t love penguins?  They’re always stylish in their cute tuxedoes, and they’re so caring when it comes to parenting.  Their adorable waddling gait is fun to watch, and fun to mimic.  Now, you can help penguins catch fish – lots of them!

Our Penguin Fish Fling game consists of a large, colorful banner hung off of a frame with holes in the middle where the two baskets are. A smiling penguin is painted on the beach, and you can see the ocean in the background where an orca is breaching. Two launch pads are then placed on the ground and kids line up to launch the fish.  The toy fish go flying!

It’s a test of skill – does stomping harder make more of a difference than anything else?  Or is it more of a case of lining things up properly?  If you want to turn it into a pitching game, you can do that, too.  Just move the launching pads out of the way and start pitching the fish into the baskets.  Everyone’s a winner with this game!

Choose Penguin Fish Fling and any of our other carnival games for a full afternoon of fun!  Kids will never have the chance to get bored at a party when there are so many cool things to do.

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Price: $85.00
Quarterback Toss

Do your kids dream of being the next Peyton Manning?  Or maybe they were won over by Russell Wilson’s super performance in the Super Bowl?  Or do they spend Sunday afternoons in the back yard pretending to be Joe Flacco?  It’s not surprising - football is the great American game, and it draws millions of fans every week.

Our Quarterback Toss game lets your kids (or you) live out your football dreams.  You’ll get a full-color vinyl backdrop and frame with two holes cut out to pass the ball through.  The image features a receiver breaking free of the defense, ready to receive your pass. The smaller hole is just above the receiver, while the larger hole is just ahead of him.

You get three footballs included with the game to test your skills with.  Make things more challenging by backing up from the backdrop. Give out prizes for the most accurate passer of the day, or just let the kids keep trying to see how good they can be by the end of the day.  The rules are all up to you.

At your next kid’s party or school carnival, you can set this up along with any number of our other carnival games and our concession items and have an afternoon of adventure.

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Price: $85.00

How steady is your hand?  Can you control your breathing? This game will test your nerves – and your dexterity!  For those of a certain generation, you might be reminded of the game Operation.  It’s the same idea – moving something around without setting off an alarm.

To play, you’ll open up the 24” by 24” by 18” bright blue box and set up Shockwave on a table or other sturdy surface. You have a small metal loop attached to a cable that you have to gently guide down the center wire without touching it.  It sounds easy, but the wire is twisted in a spiral, making it a bit tricky.

If you touch the wire with the loop, the little bell at the back will ring, and it’s on to the next person!  Make it all the way to the bottom and you win. Speed is not your friend in this game!

This game can be set up almost anywhere since it is battery operated, and that includes both inside and out. Included in the game are the wand, the wire, and the bell.

We do require a rental deposit, but we won’t collect the balance of the rent until the day of the event. 

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Price: $55.00
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You’ve already gotten the bouncy castle, you’ve arranged for the slide, and now for the finishing touches, check out our carnival games!  You can also book our carnival games separately from other party pieces.  Imagine how much fun your fundraising party or church social event will be with all of these activities!  Or, arrange for several of these games to be at your gathering and have a birthday party no one will forget. Our carnival games are easy to set up and easy to use.

We have several great carnival games to choose from!

We offer Balloon Pop – the classic game with a unique angle – you have to hit a target first before your balloon will pop.  The game comes with a bag of balloons and six bean bags.

Baseball Toss is entertaining – and it gives kids a chance to work on their skills!  The “catcher” in the middle is waiting for you to aim right for him.  More challenging than a bean bag toss but equally as much fun!

Can Smash will remind older folks of knocking cans off the fence – you have six cans set up on a pedestal and six bean bags to try to knock them down.  Can you go one for one, or can you knock more than one down with one bag?

Do you have a future Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie in your family?  We’ve got just the thing for them!  Our Golf Challenge game even has a realistic backdrop, so you feel just like you’re on the fairway!  The golf balls have Velcro on them, so they won’t end up going too far away as they stick to the Velcro on the backdrop. 

Got a future pitcher in your family, but don’t want the baseball game?  How about Hit the Bucket?  It’s an exciting mix of basketball and baseball.  You get three balls, and a console to try to shoot or pitch the ball into the chute.  Sounds easy?  It isn’t!  A similar game is our Quarterback Toss – you get two holes of different sizes to get the ball to your “receiver”. 

Jungle Safari is great fun for kids!  It’s a big game inside a frame where kids get to toss bean bags at cut outs of animals on the limbs.  They can challenge each other to see who has the best aim.  For more animal fun, there’s our Penguin Fish Fling carnival game – you can set this one up outside and let kids jump on the launch lever to fling fish into the penguin’s baskets.  It’s a great time and a great way for kids to take care of that energy they seem to have in abundance!

Ever play Operation?  Here’s a game with a similar challenge – Shockwave.  You get a wand to try to guide a loop over a wire.  If you miss, you’ll hear a bell.  Will it be silence, or the peal of bells you’ll hear?

We deliver to over 200 ZIP codes in the Baltimore area – check out our full list for exact locations.  Even if we don’t offer free delivery to your ZIP code, we charge only a small fee, and our delivery includes set up of your moonbounce and removal when your party is over.  Or, you can pick up your carnival game rentals at our Baltimore warehouse and save on your rental cost.  Either way, let Bouncy Rentals make your next celebration one you’ll never forget!